Pilling ServiceInstalled to Designed Soil LayerDense Soil PenetrationAdvanced SafetyVibration ReductionSoil Movement Reduction
Pure DriveCranePre-bore
Auger Press with Final Drive
Hydraulic Static Pile Driver
or Jack in Pile
Auger Press with Toe-Grouting
Pure Drive

Pure Driving method is generally done by any kinds of drop hammer machine types such as manual drop hammer, drop hammer with track, mobile drop hammer, rig with hydraulic hammer. This is the most commonly used for pile installation because of its cost effective.


Pre-Boring is introduced for ease of pile installation in dense soil area. The method is carried out by drilling into the ground surface until the drill bit passes the dense layer of soil. The other pile installation methods like pure driving or hydraulic static pile driver would be carried out after the process. Pre-Boring also helps to reduce the vibration and soil movement caused by pile installation.

Auger Press Drilling and pressing pile in the soil (Only in spun pile)

Auger Press with Final Drive process is partly like bored pile. The pile is pushed into the ground while the soil auguring process is removing the underneath soil through the centre hole of the spun pile. This method could cut the sound and vibration from hydraulic hammer by 90%. This is widely used in urban area particularly in Bangkok and metropolitan area.

Option: Auger Press with Toe-Grouting
The cement grout would be used instead of the final drive process. Hence, there would be absolutely no vibration and sound from the hydraulic hammer. The cement grout also helps improving the soil at the pile tip and therefore increasing the weight bearing of the pile.

Hydraulic Static Pile Driver Pile Press

Hydraulic Static Pile Driver or Jack in Pile is an innovative option for pile installation nowadays. This method has absolutely no vibration and noises (Non-Pollution Pile Installation). The vibration could be reduced up to 91%* compared to the original pile driving method and the ambient noise around 66 dBA* (*from our study and could differ in other working sites) which is well under the standard. This method is gaining the popularity in urban area and in some sensitive areas such as working site near a museum.